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About Us

Apparel and accessories designed to keep life funky!

Life is short, so why not have a little fun along the way?! Disco Trout was conceived as nothing more than some friends enjoying the outdoors with a little fly fishing and some beer to wash it all down. With a name and a photo emerged a lifestyle brand that promotes a zest for life and love for the outdoors. Grow with us as we develop along the way and continue to "Avoid the Reel World."

Scroll down to discover the faces behind Disco Trout.

Humpback Chub, Raven, Ram skull. Ammo Can, Dory, Cactus, Marble Canyon Bridge, Disco Trout
About: About Us
Stefan Seigmann

Stefan Seigmann
(1987 - 2017)

Our friend and inspiration

Stefan developed the original Disco Trout idea from a photoshopped picture of a fish he caught while fly fishing in Colorado. Following the photo any of his adventures and good times were always tagged #discotrout as an ideology to enjoy yourself along the way. Among friends and family this quickly became a popular tagline for good times. 

Stefan was the life of the party and could make any situation light hearted and full of laughter. Following his departure we are inspired by his life and strive to carry out the very essence of what it meant to enjoy every moment to the fullest. 


About: About Us

Davis & Zach

The other side of the Disco Trout story lies with Davis & Zach. Together with Stefan they grew up in the American Southwest which influenced many of their experiences together early on. As life long friends they decided to bring Disco Trout to the rest of the world. While they both have careers and lives stretched across the Western US, adventure and the Disco Trout lifestyle are the foundation at which they live day to day.

About: Our Team
Alaskan Salmon

Davis Boyer

Davis currently lives in Bend, OR. His artistic stylings can be found on many of the Disco Trout products and reflect the passions of living in the West and the adventures that go with it.

Zach Doth

Zach Doth

Zach currently resides in Jackson, WY. Forefront to the heart of big mountain skiing and the open country of the American West continues to influence Disco Trout as a company that stands for fun loving adventure in nature's playground.

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